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Website Source on Github - StackGeek

Website Source on Github

Mon, 19 Nov 2012


The source for the StackGeek website has now been uploaded to Github. Fork the project if you are interested in deploying your own multi-user Github content based blogging site on AppEngine.

It's worth mentioning that with the site I'm trying to introduce a new pattern for technical blogging and sharing of articles. The site is designed from the ground up to be 100% Open Source and at the same time give authors complete control over their content. Everyone should be aware all content authored on StackGeek is, by default, licensed under the share-alike Creative Commons license. Remember, even under a CC license, authors always retain copyright on their content. StackGeek takes no ownership rights in content created here on the site.

Google AppEngine Boilerplate

This site runs on Google AppEngine and was written using the Google AppEngine Boilerplate project on Github. The project is looking for developers who have experience with Python, GAE, JavaScript, WebApp2, Jinja2-like HTML templating, and of course, CSS and design. Join us today if you are interested!

Using the Code

Getting the code going locally isn't hard. Check the site out from Github, fire up the Google AppEngine Launcher, and add an existing project pointing to the code you check out. Edit the config.py file and stick in your own keys/hashes/salts/etc where needed.

AppEngine Launcher Add Existing Project

Fire up the project by clicking 'run' in Launcher, then click browse. Create an account by going to sign up, and then ignore the part where it emails you. You'll be able to enter a user/pass for the first account and be automatically logged in.

If you have any questions, comments, feature requests, bugs you've spotted, or whatever, just open a ticket!